Neal Damiano

Neal calls himself “an unhip film geek” who mixes his passion for movies with an enthusiasm for travel, music and journalism. He is the former editor of FilmWad.

Neal Damiano - Top 10 FilmsNeal’s Top 10s:
Top 10 1990s Films That Defined The Decade
Top 10 Bizarre Suburban Films
Top 10 Brian De Palma Films
Top 10 Campy Fun Horror Films
Top 10 Christian Slater Films
Top 10 Comedy Films
Top 10 Crime Gone Wrong Films
Top 10 Cult Films
Top 10 Disturbing Films
Top 10 Films about Drug Addiction & Rehabilitation
Top 10 Ewan McGregor Films
Top 10 Films Set in New York
Top 10 Films That Prove The 1990s Weren’t Just About Blockbusters
Top 10 Films You’ve Never Seen But Should Have
Top 10 Gary Oldman Films
Top 10 Indie Films
Top 10 Influential American Horror Films
Top 10 James Gandolfini Films
Top 10 John Cusack Films
Top 10 Keanu Reeves Films
Top 10 Nicolas Cage Films
Top 10 Quintessential 1980s Films
Top 10 Satirical Films
Top 10 Slasher Films
Top 10 Stanley Kubrick Films
Top 10 Stephen King Stories Adapted To Film
Top 10 Teen Movies
Top 10 Two People Buddy Road Trip Films
Top 10 Underrated Non-Franchise Horror Films From The 1980s
Top 10 Under The Radar Films
Top 10 Vince Vaughn Films
Top 10 What The Heck Happened Horror Endings

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