James Bond 25 Loses Its Director As Danny Boyle Jumps Ship

Only a matter of weeks away from the start of production, James Bond 25 loses its director after fan-favourite Danny Boyle steps down due to “creative differences”.

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That old classic about “creative differences” bites again as Danny Boyle jumps the James Bond ship to leave the twenty-fifth instalment of the long-running franchise without a director.

Production on the latest James Bond movie is still due to start in December with a late-summer 2019 release date in the UK.

Yet, after rejoicing at hiring Daniel Craig again, the actor doing a complete u-turn having said he’d rather “slash his wrists” than do another Bond movie after 2015’s Skyfall, the film’s producers are now without their favoured director.

While the list of candidates to play 007 in future can remain on the shelf until James Bond 26, the production heads Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are now searching for another director to helm the latest spy adventure.

Boyle had been linked to the new James Bond film for months before confirming he would direct a screenplay written by John Hodge, the writer of Boyle’s previous films, The Beach and T2: Trainspotting. But it was known he held reservations that he was capable of pulling off an action blockbuster.

Interestingly, on a release from the studio issued August 21, actor Daniel Craig was listed alongside the producers as those having “creative differences” with the director.

It remains to be seen who will now take the hot seat but clearly Craig’s influence on that decision is huge. Sam Mendes is favoured having made SPECTRE and Skyfall but may be unavailable at such short notice.

James Bond 25 arrives in UK cinemas next summer.

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