What Have We Learned From The New Terminator Genisys Posters?

Arnie’s back in Terminator Genisys which lands at UK cinemas July 3rd and we have a selection of new posters for the movie. But what do they tell us about the upcoming film…

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films postersThe new Terminator Genisys posters give us some indication about what to expect from the next stage of this epic franchise. Conceived by writer-director James Cameron from a nightmare he endured sometime in the early 1980s, The Terminator first appeared in 1984, thrilling audiences with its mixture of science-fiction horror and action cinema while making Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name.

Based on a post-apocalyptic idea about how our obsession with pushing the boundaries technology would eventually come back to haunt us, the Terminator world presents us with a horrific future where self-aware machines are killing off their human creators. So far across four films – The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and Terminator: Salvation – we have followed the plight of Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor, the future saviour of mankind.

In the latest adventure from Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor we know the historical timeline of the Terminator films will once again shift. In each, the past has been changed in order to impact the future. In the first Terminator, Sarah Connor’s life was protected in order to ensure her child lived to save the world, in the second it was John Connor’s teenage life that was protected in order for him to reach adulthood and lead the resistance. In Terminator Genisys, past and future collide once again.

The year is 2029 and the war between man and machine is in full swing. John Connor, as leader of the resistance, learns of a plot to kill his childhood self in the past. He therefore sends his trusted lieutenant Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother. But Reese finds the past has already changed. In this new timeline, a Terminator had been sent back in time to kill Sarah in childhood. This assassination was stopped by a reprogrammed cyborg who has stayed with Sarah over the years in order to train her to face her destiny.

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films postersNow Sarah, Kyle, and her old ally – a T-800 Terminator – must battle killer robots sent from the future including a T-800 (as seen in Terminator 1), a T-1000 (as seen in Terminator 2), and a new T-3000 modeled on the image of John Connor.

In some ways, each film has counted the previous installments as a pointless effort of self-preservation. As each quest has searched to help the human race survive, the next film has come along and said: “well, despite our best efforts, the world is still going to end and this is how we’re going to try to save it this time.”

It’s appears like it’s the same again in Terminator Genisys. But what do the new posters tell us about the film and what can we expect?

Certainly, a big part of the new story is finding a way to get Arnold Schwarzenegger back into it. In each of the previous movies, including the image of the towering actor in Salvation, Arnie has appeared as a different character. This time we get another incarnation of the Schwarzenegger cyborg with a difference. We know he’s in the film thanks to the poster featuring his battle-weary T-800, and from his appearance in the trailer, but this time paths cross between Arnie’s T-800 from James Cameron’s original (the evil cyborg) and the T-800 that has been protecting Sarah Connor for years.

The image of Arnie’s T-800 tells us the new film will definitely have a sense of nostalgia about it. Schwarzenegger’s image is as iconic, if not more so, than the red-eyed endoskeleton of the robots. The last Terminator movie tried to move the story past Schwarzenegger but his absence was still felt despite a strong cast that included Christian Bale and Sam Worthington.

But there’s also elements of the new. We know Arnie is going to have to do battle with a version of the T-800 familiar to fans of the franchise. Yet, from the posters we can see that, while a T-1000 will definitely be making an appearance, the new T-3000 takes the science of these machines further. What the T-3000 will be capable of is yet to be revealed.

The film is also very much in keeping with current trends – notably, the integration of new elements of the franchise with elements of the old (seen, for example, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ongoing story centrally running through The Avengers while being extended through character’s individual stories; and in the reinvention of the X-Men with Days of Future Past) while a youthful-looking Sarah Connor – the toughened female hero – maintains the current mainstream allure of such strong female characters as seen in such franchises as The Hunger Games and Divergent.

Familiarity is certainly an attraction for the new film. Arnie’s image alone is enough to remind people of the franchise’s potential and past successes, but the new film’s interaction with the plots and characters of the previous installments is intriguing for both established fans and new ones. One of the elements of the posters that excites is the image of the T-1000 with the sharp metallic arm and shotgun exit wound through its stomach. Each aspect is particularly reminiscent of key scenes from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, highlighting how the new film wants to take us back to the thrills of Judgment Day’s high octane, fast-paced action.

One thing we do know for definite though – it’s going to be an interesting ride…

Terminator Genisys hits UK cinemas July 3rd

New Terminator Genisys posters…

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films posters

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films posters

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films posters

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films posters

Terminator Genisys - Top 10 Films posters

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