Brits Make UK Film Locations Part Of The Summer Itinerary

According to recent research from Away Resorts, one third of Brits plan to visit a film location in the UK as part of their summer holiday.

Top 10 Film Locations To Visit In Wales

32% of Brits fancy checking out a film location in Britain according to recently released research by Away Resorts, coining the phrase “screen tourism”. Indeed, a third have already visited a film location in the last year.

Why is there a rise in “screen tourism”? It’s in part because the UK film industry is producing not only crowd-pleasing commercial cinema (for example, the Harry Potter films and James Bond) but films that are achieving international acclaim that is raising awareness for the UK’s landmarks. This is in combination with Hollywood using key UK locations for its films too such as Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Creative England reported that UK film production was on the rise with over £100 million generated from the tourism it had directly inspired. The recent poll saw respondents who chose a film location as an ideal day out pick it over things like visiting the zoo or a museum or going to the theme park. Film tourism is now not just the hobby of movie buffs anymore.

It’s therefore not surprising that £1.6 million worth of screen tourism comes from international visitors arriving on the UK’s shores.

Visiting film locations is not new to us at Top 10 Films of course – in 2015 we spent a whole top 10 list highlighting the great film locations to see in Wales. But it’s growing in popularity in part because a lot of these places are free to see. Combined with a little lunch, perhaps a glass of wine or an ice cream, and maybe some other local landmarks, visiting film locations around the UK can be a great day out for all the family.

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