Eye-Opening Documentary “Down To Earth” Is In Cinemas From September 14

Mark Rylance will present the premiere of award-winning documentary, Down To Earth, at the special event at Picturehouse Central in September 11 prior to its UK theatrical release on September 14.

Down To Earth

Credit: Down To Earth

Down To Earth, a self-portrait documentary from filmmakers Rolf Winters and Renata Heinen, sees a London family break away from conventional society to find a new perspective on life. Charting their own experiences, the two filmmakers travel across six continents over five years with their three children on a journey of discovery. There is no crew, no production team, just one backpack and a camera each.

Along the way they find indigenous communities removed from the technological machinations of conventional western living. This involved the family attempting to gain their trust, living besides them and learning that this centuries-old way of living offers a clear and transcendent vision of life on earth, unaffected by the laws we’ve created for ourselves.

Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck (whose credits include Shakespeare in Love, Billy Elliot, and Proof) said he had not come across a film that so dramatically combined the personal with the universal. “Working on a project where there is such a vital connection between the filmmakers and the subject – on a personal, political and spiritual level – meant that I felt a particular responsibility to be as truthful as I could to their vision.”

Described as a “mirror to humanity” and a “poignant and timely reflection on our civilised world”, Down To earth invites us to see the world through the eyes of the so-called “Keepers of the Earth”. Both a spiritual journey and wake-up call, the film also evokes a sense of hope for our world as it will become in centuries to come.

The film’s legacy even before it has arrived in UK cinemas is already significant. It has broken box office records Holland, is currently the country’s longest running film in cinemas, and has inspired a true movement with The Down To Earth Collective working with hundreds of educational institutions, charities, companies and community organisations.

The film has also won a number of major awards including the Jury Prize at the Illuminate Film Festival. It bagged the Audience Favourite accolade at the Spirit Film Festival while its competitive screening at the Dutch National Education Film Festival saw it win the Jury prize as well as the Audience Award.

Filmmaker Renata said: “I believe that the energy of the recordings of the contributors in the film is so special because of the intimacy. We filmed every individual in their natural environment.”

Partner Rolf said: “We wanted to create an experience and not make a ‘talking heads’ film. To capture the journey across the globe.”

Down To Earth premieres in the UK at Picturehouse Central on September 11 before opening UK-wide on September 14.

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