Is this the greatest action sequence ever?

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29th Jan 2011Could this be the greatest action sequence ever?

Enthiran, an Indian sci-fi adventure released worldwide last year, became the country’s most expensive movie thanks to its lavish special-effects and spectacular action sequences that will remind western audiences of The Terminator and more recently The Matrx series.

The film’s plot revolves around a robot which is given the ability to develop human emotion. When the robot falls in love with its creator’s fiancee things turn complicated, and its actions become deadly when it comes under the influence of a rival scientist.

The action sequence in the video below sees the robot try to defend itself when its creator tries to take back control.

Check out the clip, see what you think.

Enthiran (Shanker, India, 2010)

An English language dub is currently in production.

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  1. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    Concept is cool, execution is…. not. Good job though, and if these boys ever get to Hollywood, I think they’ll take over from Roland Emmereich and make disaster films like nobody’s business.

  2. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Rodney: That’s what I thought. There’s parhaps too much. Some of the effects look more like a Playstation computer game. The problem with them doing this in Hollywood is that they used a heap of cash to make it – I don’t think Hollywood could afford these guys! They’d have to dig deep in the originality pool too – Enthiran appears to be part Matrix and a whole lot of Terminator (1 and 2) – in fact, that scene with the helicopter is straight out of T2.

  3. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    Agreed re the “Playstation” effects level. But if anything, this clip does show that there is talent out there in the wider film community than just what you see in the Hollywood Hills. No doubt off the back of this, these guys’ll pick up some bigger budget work (I hope so, anyway) and with a quality script behind them, who knows where they’ll end up!

  4. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yeah that’s spot on about talent being all over the globe. I know they are going to release this with an English dub if they haven’t already so it’ll be interesting to see how it gets on.

  5. Avatar
    Richard Reply

    That’s insane! I love it! I thought American action scenes went over the top, jeez. 😀

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