“Deliver Us”: Enigmatic, Unsettling, Unforgettable

Deliver Us looks at the growing need for exorcists from within the Catholic Church...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

“The Case For Christ” Entertains Asking Big Questions With Difficult Answers

Gunn’s biggest trick is not only making The Case For Christ accessible but interesting...
Posted On 08 Sep 2017

“My Scientology Movie” Is More Quirky Introduction Than Evocative Revelation

Louis Theroux tries to get a better understanding of the Church of Scientology. Despite getting the door closed in his face, My Scientology Movie still proves to be an interesting documentary. Louis Theroux is a unique and highly likable brand, who disarms his subjects with a...

Top 10 Priests in Mainstream Film

If cinema tells us anything about members of the clergy, it’s that each of them possess a different outlook when it comes to interpreting God’s will. Mark Fraser looks at the modus operandi of 10 movie priests.
Posted On 18 Mar 2014