Robert Pattinson In Line For Batman Role

Hollywood insiders believe Robert Pattinson is close to signing on to play the next Batman in Warner Bros. upcoming comic book adaptation. Sources told Variety he was the studio’s number one choice.

Robert Pattinson

Sources tell Variety that Robert Pattinson is Warner Bros’ favoured actor for a new adaptation of Gotham’s superhero Batman.

Hollywood insiders believe Pattinson is close to striking a deal to play the eponymous caped crusader in director Matt ReevesThe Batman.

Reeves picked up the mantle from Ben Affleck who left the project in 2017. The filmmaker, who is responsible for the last two Planet of the Apes sequels, is expected to start pre-production on the new film this summer.

Warner Bros is hoping Reeves will prove the right man to helm following the disappointments of Justice League and Batman Versus Superman. Likewise, the studio will expect Pattinson to bring star quality to a role that has seen great heights in the past thanks to Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s efforts.

Pattinson already has a good relationship with Warner Bros, a studio he’s currently contracted to for Nolan’s latest event movie which will be released next year.

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