“Deadpool 2” Tries To Squeeze Out More Profit With PG-13 Version; “The Princess Bride’s” Fred Savage Makes Cameo

Fred Savage has made a surprise cameo in Deadpool 2’s “cleaner” PG-13 theatrical release that targets Marvel’s younger audience in order to squeeze a little more profit out of the already hugely successful R-rated film.

Fred Savage - Deadpool 2 / The Princess Bride

Deadpool 2 will return to U.S. cinemas this Christmas in a child-friendly PG-13 version that reduces some of its violence and profanity in order to target Marvel’s younger audiences.

Whether you want to look at this cynically (20th Century Fox seeking to squeeze more revenue from their 2018 smash hit) or favourably (more Deadpool on the big screen including new scenes), there is an interesting titbit to all this. Fred Savage, the kid from The Princess Bride, who has the bedtime story read to him by his grandfather, has returned to the role (and the very bedroom) for a cameo that sees Peter Falk’s kindly old grandfather replaced by a sharp-tongued, Santa hat-wearing Deadpool.

Reports suggest the PG-13 version of the film could feature a significant re-edit that would see the story of the film recalled in storybook form to Savage’s sickly bedridden man-child in much the same way as The Princess Bride is narrated (with the “scary” and “kissing” parts ignored).

Potentially an experiment, Deadpool will soon join Fox’s X-Men characters at Disney, where the character’s penchant for a swear word would look out of place at the film factory producing toddler-friendly films like Frozen and Tangled. If Deadpool can only work in its R-rated form, this re-release might tell us. Likewise, if there’s scope for the character in a family-orientated environment, again this version will provide a good indication of its potential.

How 20th Century Fox will cut out profanity and violence without negatively impacting the effect of the film remains to be seen. But it sounds intriguing at best. At worst, it’s a cynical ploy to get parents to shell out more money on over-priced cinema tickets.

I might wait for it to appear as an additional feature on the super-duper, extra special, collector’s special edition Blu-ray box set that’ll inevitably come out.

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