“Return Of The Killer Tomatoes” Is A Tasty Treat

The killer tomatoes are back for more carnage and mayhem. How does this sequel stand up within the hit-and-miss genre of horror-comedy. Laura Shearer finds out…

"Return Of The Killer Tomatoes" Is A Tasty TreatTomato soup is delicious and this batch was worth a second helping. Utter carnage unravels again as the genetically modified red fruits are unleashed into the world, this time disguised cleverly as actual humans. That’s right, human tomatoes!

The aptly named Professor Gangrene has once again superseded his own expectations and decides to just run with it, regardless of consequences. After all, why do anything to hinder the purgation of science eh?

Horror comedies are, I must say, one of the best sub-genres in existence. Mostly because horror can be utterly ridiculous at the best of times and that extra edge of comedy does tend to push the boundaries of decency and sensibility past believability. Win win!

Ticking all the boxes of silly horror favourite features; queue superimposed tomatoes, human features on tomatoes, all the ostentatious grotesque you can imagine on a tomato. The best part is that a sequel isn’t even overkill, it’s perfectly placed in the Blu-ray collection. Food horror themed dinner and film party anyone?

"Return Of The Killer Tomatoes" Is A Tasty Treat

It’s kind of fascinating to note that the giant murderous tomatoes are technically their own franchise now; there’s four films in total, two TV series and a video game. It’s obvious that its cult following is something to cherish. It even qualifies George Clooney to don an eighties mullet in an ultimately tacky tale of revenge and survival.

Hitting top film lists for cult B movies, it’s a collection winner that will not only make you giggle time and time again, but will tickle your fancy for cult kitsch and retro memorabilia. Why not enjoy it in full Blu-ray colour, the technical follies are highlighted well, only adding to the collectable elements. It does exactly what it says on the tin and will not disappoint.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes, four stars

Written by Laura Shearer

Top 10 Films reviewed Return of the Killer Tomatoes on Blu-ray courtesy of Arrow Video. The film was released on Blu-ray June 27.

"Return Of The Killer Tomatoes" Is A Tasty TreatDirected by: John De Bello
Written by: John De Bello, Costa Dillon, Stephen Peace
Starring: Michael Villani, John Astin, Karen Mistal, Anthony Starke, George Clooney
Released: 1988 / Genre: Horror-Comedy
Country: USA / IMDB
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