Art Versus Artist: The Alleged Transgressions Of Kevin Spacey Submerge Audiences In Murky Moral Dilemma

His work on All The Money In The World, under the direction of Ridley Scott, is presumably up to the actor’s usual high standards. But now Spacey has been erased from it...

“The Front” Backhands The Informant

Mark Fraser ponders the logic behind The Front's unorthodox approach to a painful chapter in US history...
Posted On 21 Sep 2017

Top 10 American Films About Judaism & Jewish Life

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Woody Allen has made a career out of writing great dialogue, perfecting the "one-liner"...

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New York native Neal Damiano takes a look at 10 of his most loved movies to exude the sights, sounds and smells of his hometown inc. Breakfast at Tiffany's, After Hours, Annie Hall & Times Square...

Top 10 Films About Husbands & Wives

Husbands and wives have played a key role in many cinematic stories over the last hundred years. But what depictions of marriage in film have stood the test of time?

Review: Midnight In Paris

Woody Allen's best film in years sees the New York-born writer-director create a cinematic love letter to Paris with Owen Wilson doing his best Woody impression.

Top 10 Undervalued Woody Allen Films

With so many films spanning nearly fifty years of cinema, you may think Woody Allen now has a film suited to everyone. But there are a few that don't get widely talked about that deserve attention.