Top 10 British Films

British cinema has enjoyed some great years over the last century. There has been the odd blip along the way but as Top 10 Films reveals, this small island has produced many enduring classics...
Posted On 26 Jul 2014

Top 10 Brits On Holiday

Top 10 Films is on holiday. Through the following ten movies we head to the English countryside, the Greek islands, the south of France, Crete and the Australian outback. What could go wrong?

Top 10 Buddy Films Since 1980

Daniel Stephens picks his favourite buddy films since the 1980s.

Groovers and Mobsters Present: The Buddy Flick

This month's Groovers and Mobsters Present series looks at The Buddy Flick. Dan Stephens takes a look at one of the greatest British comedy films of all time - Withnail and I.

Top 10 Male Adventures In Self Discovery

I saw a common theme in some of my favourite movies: male characters, ranging in age, who had come to a crossroads. In many cases they were successful; they had a wife and kids, money and prosperity, a nice car and a big house. But something was missing. The Male Adventure in...

Top 10 British Comedy since 1980

Britain has always fared well when pointing its camera lenses towards comedy. Off the back of quality radio (the wit of Spike Milligan and The Goon Show, accompanied ably by the delightful antics of Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe) and television (the Monty Python team constantly...

Review: Withnail and I (Robinson, 1987)

Released in 1987, Withnail and I was, during its production, hampered by a producer who couldn’t see the merits of the film, and a director who admitted he didn’t really know what he was doing. For many, the first introduction to Bruce Robinson’s tale of friendship at the end of...