6 Reasons You Never Want To Work With “American Hustle” Director David O. Russell

David O. Russell has made some good movies. Some may even say he’s made a couple of “great” movies. But the man has a frightening temper. Just ask George Clooney, Lily Tomlin & Amy Adams.
Posted On 24 Apr 2015

Top 10 Romantic Films Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Love

Rory Fish delivers his expose on the romance genre. He highlights ten films that steer clear of genre stereotypes to open up the boy meets girl story to manly-man types who like a bit of love without the romancing. Read on, you might find a few surprises.
Posted On 07 May 2011

Review: Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg continues to age like wine with the brilliant Eastern Pormises.

Kubrick At His Best In “A Clockwork Orange”

Stanley Kubrick's mesmerizing 1971 classic paints an uncompromising picture of a broken near-future society, immersing the viewer right bang in the middle...