Top 10 Films of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close Top 10 Films' Ryan Pollard looks back at his favourites including American Hustle, 3D's first "classic" Gravity, and two great new Tom Hanks movies...

Top 10 Films where Submarines get a Starring Role

The submarine has provided the perfect location for many great movies from K19: The Widowmaker & Crimson Tide to Das Boot. Mark Fraser takes a look at his favourites...
Posted On 02 Dec 2013

Top 10 Sly Stallone Films (not including Rambo or Rocky)

What is the best Stallone movie - Rambo or Rocky? In this top 10 we put those two classics (and their franchises) aside for a moment and look at the best of the rest...
Posted On 26 Nov 2013

Top 10 Deaths by Explosion

There are some really creative ways to die in film. One of the most interesting is the death by explosion. Most of the time, as this list will show, it seems that the death by explosion in film is a very satisfying way to kill the bad guy. Other times, it's not so good for the...
Posted On 23 Nov 2013

10 Movies That Are Literally A Pain In The Behind

While sodomy is rarely the subject of pleasant dinner party chit-chat, it has undeniably found a voice in mainstream cinema. Mark Fraser looks at 10 films that are literally a pain in the behind.
Posted On 10 Sep 2013

Top 10 Comedy Food Scenes

What comes to mind when you think “food” / “movies”? Willy Wonka’s edible chocolate factory? The wafer-thin mint in Meaning of Life? Chilled monkey brains in Indiana Jones..? Octopussy – Sheep’s Head Good food and pleasant company are in short supply...
Posted On 04 Sep 2013

Top 10 Movie Bus Rides To Avoid

Should bus rides be this traumatic! Mark Fraser buys his ticket and jumps on board to experience 10 bus journeys he'd really rather forget...
Posted On 18 Aug 2013

Top 10 Films That Killed Charles Bronson’s Career

In Top 10 Films That Prove Charles Bronson Was A Legitimate Character Actor, Mark Fraser looked at the "Good" in Bronson's career. Here he takes a look at the "Bad and the "Ugly"!
Posted On 15 Aug 2013