Tribute: Michael Clarke Duncan 1957 – 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan - the gentle giant - who famously portrayed John Coffey in Frank Darabont's The Green Mile sadly passed away on Monday in Los Angeles.

Top 10 “Suburbia In Peril” Films

The Suburbs: murder at the neighbour's house, robot wives, aliens, big brother's cameras, supernatural entities, kidnap and is all there. Who needs the big city?

Review: Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks does everything in Larry Crowne, producing, writing, directing and starring in the film. But has he bitten off more than he can chew. Unfortunately - yes.

Top 10 Tom Hanks Films 1990 – 2010

With the release of Tom Hanks' new film Larry Crowne on Friday, Daniel Stephens takes a look at the actor's best films of the 1990s and 2000s.

Review: The Terminal

Steven Spielberg’s wife Kate Capshaw won’t allow her husband to make comedies. Or so he says. You look at the director’s career to date and comedy only really features as the lighter tones of fantasy and adventure. If indeed Capshaw denies Spielberg comedy because of his...

Reader’s Choice #1: Best Tom Hanks Film (Results)

After taking an entertaining trip back to the 1980s with a rundown of Tom Hanks' best work during the decade, it was time to open out the choices to his full body of films. I asked you to vote and vote you did. If you build...

Reader’s Choice #1: Best Tom Hanks Film

A new feature of Top10Films is going to be the Reader's Choice. It's up to you guys to choose the best film of a particular actor, or director, or theme etc., and that choice will go in our database of film accolades. To kick...

Top 10 Tom Hanks Films – 1980s

From 1984 to 1989 Tom Hanks solidified himself as one of the Hollywood elite. Aside from a couple of more restrained dramas in the middle of the period showing his diversity and pre-cursing his later work, predominantly the films of the middle to late eighties highlighted Hanks’...