The Rise and Rise of Aaron Paul in 6 Films

With the release of Retribution starring Aaron Paul in a white-knuckle thriller about an emotionally unavailable father and rebellious teenage son set against the high-risk world of motocross, Top 10 Films checks out Paul's extraordinary rise.

Top 10 Giallo Films For The Beginner

A Beginner's Guide to Giallo: author and genre expert Michael Mackenzie investigates the evolution of the Italian thriller with its distinct mixture of highly stylised violence, sex & horror...

First-Rate Thriller “Duel” Marks The Beginning Of A Hollywood Phenomenon

Originally a made-for-TV thriller, Steven Spielberg's feature-length film debut was so good it was later released in theatres. Ryan Pollard takes a look at this early Spielberg masterpiece...

Interview: Michael Bartlett, The Director Of New Horror “Treehouse”, Talks About The Art of Suspense

Michael Bartlett, the man behind stylish new horror film Treehouse, talks to Top 10 Films about the challenges of getting a low budget horror film off the ground, his own inspiration & the art of perfect suspense.

David Fincher Again Impresses with Thriller “Gone Girl”

Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, a husband who files a missing persons report following the disappearance of his wife. But not all is as it seems. Ryan Pollard checks out David Fincher's latest masterpiece...

Dan Stevens Sizzles in Slick, Psychological Thriller “The Guest”

Slick psychological thriller The Guest defies expectation but delivers on its promise to entertain. Simon Evans & Luke Ostler sing the praises of his 2014 genre gem...

Nic Cage’s “Tokarev” Can’t Escape the Clichés

Also known as Rage, Nicolas Cage's Tokarev is a revenge thriller that tries to emulate the b-movie success of Liam Neeson's Taken but can't escape a cliche-ridden script...

Top 10 Movie Airport Crime Scenes

Delayed flights, luggage theft, long queues, nazi customs officials, obnoxious passengers, expensive coffee and second rate food – it’s absolutely criminal what happens at some airports.
Posted On 09 Sep 2014