5 Lottery Movies That Are Well Worth Your Time

While the motif of the lottery winner has vastly been used in the film industry, there are only few movies that have explored the complexity of the lottery industry...

Top Films Featuring Dystopian Societies

With the release of writer-director Darren Paul Fisher's Frequencies on DVD in the UK this month, Top 10 Films takes a look at some of the most intriguing dystopian universes.

Formula Fails To Hamper “Divergent” As It Confidently Enters The Young Adult Film Stage

In the increasingly crowded world of young adult fiction, Divergent is a confident if formulaic progression of the genre post-Twilight and Harry Potter. Daniel Stephens takes a look...

Top 10 Films In Which Humans Are Considered Fair Game

Whether it be for sport, punishment or reality television, the idea that people can be competitively hunted down and killed for entertainment has become a recurring motif in the world of cinema. Mark Fraser looks at 10 movies where both men and women are treated like prized trophies.
Posted On 26 Feb 2015

“Catching Fire” Shades “The Hunger Games” as the Trilogy Hots Up

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, unusually for a sequel, shades the original but succumbs to the modern disease of bloated running length. Still, there's plenty to enjoy.

Magnetic Jennifer Lawrence is Suitably Hot in “Catching Fire”

Jennifer Lawrence returns to the role of Katniss Everdeen in director Francis Lawrence's adaptation of Suzanne Collins' book Catching Fire. Ryan Pollard takes a look...

“The Hunger Games” Enthralls As Kids Go To War

Director Gary Ross brings Suzanne Collins' book to the big screen with Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence leading the line as a teen doing battle in The Hunger Games

Review: The Hunger Games

Rob Keeling throws his hat into The Hunger Games ring with his take on Gary Ross' adaptation of Suzanne Collins novel. Was he as enthusiastic about it as everyone else?
Posted On 23 Apr 2012