Top 10 Gene Hackman Thrillers

Gene Hackman was good at thrillers: political thrillers, revenge thrillers, mystery thrillers, survival thrillers, police procedural thrillers...

Top 10 Roy Scheider Films

Roy Scheider eventually became one of Hollywood’s most unconventional leading men...
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Top 10 Films Dominated By Absolutely Horrible Men

Mark Fraser looks at 10 instances when the lead blokes are either too mean-spirited or excessively sadistic for comfort...
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Top 10 Crime Gone Wrong Films

Neal Damiano joins the bank robbers and the jewel thieves, the cops giving chase and the unwitting victims caught in the crossfire as Top 10 Films checks out the greatest crime-gone-wrong movies...

Top 10 Films Of Gene Hackman

One of Hollywood's most talented actors, Gene Hackman has appeared in some of tinseltown's greatest films. The Oscar-winning actor's work include classics The Conversation, Superman and The French Connection.

William Friedkin’s “Sorcerer” Is A Curiously Mistreated Masterpiece

William Friedkin's Sorcerer remains one of the most curiously mistreated Hollywood films of all time. Mark Fraser looks back at what happened following its initial release.
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