Lucy: Fact or Fiction

In Luc Besson’s (Taken, Fifth Element, Leon) latest sci-fi thriller "Lucy", the director delves into one of the most famous myths of all time – that we only use 10% of our brain capacity.

Top 10 Bruce Willis Films Which Contain a Numerical Reference in Their Title

One of the peculiar things about Bruce Willis’ body of work is the fact that quite a few of his movies feature numbers in their names. Mark Fraser counts his way through 10 of them.
Posted On 11 Jan 2015

5 Great Space Travellers

With Marvel's latest superhero franchise - Guardians of the Galaxy - taking off this week, Top 10 Films and The Reel Deal check out 5 great space travellers...

Top 10 Films About Taxi Drivers

Top 10 Films hails a cab and hops on board to take a look at the best movies to feature taxi drivers. Among others I find a boy racer, superhero, conspiracy theorist and lonely revolutionary.

Top 10 1990s Films I’d Like To See In Theatres

Inspired by the re-release of 1990s film Titanic, writer Matthew Liedke takes a look at the 10 films he'd like to see make a theatrical return...