8 Great Horse-Related Movies

They say never work with children or animals but a few films have proved the exception to the rule & become box office smashes using horses as the major star. Here’s some of the best horse-related movies. War Horse This Steven Spielberg directed film is a heartrending...

The Reel Review: Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm tells the true story of how two reality tv winners went to America to pursue a dream of becoming major league baseball stars. John Hamm stars in this uplifting drama...

Iconic Images: Rocky (1976)

The inspirational ascension of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's entrance steps is the culmination of boxer Rocky's unbreakable determination to overcome adversity and beat the odds...

Review: Fast Girls

Noel Clarke crafts this superficial but uplifting sports drama about the conflicting personalities of two Great British 200 metre runners as they prepare for the World Championships.

Top 10 British Sports Films

With the world's eyes on Great Britain for the 2012 Olympic Games Top 10 Films takes a look at the best British sports films to grace the silver screen.

“Warrior” Is Blood-Stained & Breathtaking

Tom Hardy gives a career-best performance as a broken ex-US Marine who has to face his estranged brother in a winner-take-all MMA event. Warrior is blood-stained and breathtaking.

Review: The Damned United

With director Tom Hooper's The King's Speech winning or being nominated for numerous awards in the UK and worldwide, Top 10 Films thought it wise to revisit his brilliant dramatic retelling of outspoken British football manager Brian Clough's ill-fated 44 days in...

Review: “Rounders” Captures The Drama Of High Stakes Poker

Rounders, a film about Poker culture and the people who are involved (directly and indirectly) with the highs and lows of the game, could be a definitive Hollywood expose on the game’s new-age popularity if it wasn’t let down by wayward characterizations and poor plotting.