Every “Friday The 13th” Film Ranked Worst To Best

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Celebrating The Impact & Influence Of Michael Powell’s “Peeping Tom”

One of the best British horror films of all time, Peeping Tom remains an influential, subversive piece of cinema from director Michael Powell...

20 Years Of “Scream”: When A New Genre Of Horror Was Born

2016 marks 20 years of Scream, Wes Craven's successful attempt to revitalise horror with the help of Kevin Williamson's self-referential script...
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Top 10 Horror Films from Canada

Canadian writer and horror film fan Dan Grant takes a look at the greatest Canadian horror films ever made including Scanners, The Changeling & Black Christmas...
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Friday the 13th is a quintessential slasher film that spawned endless sequels that got dumber and dumber. Dan Grant takes a look at the franchise's silliest, funniest, dumbest moments.
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Top 10 Slasher Films

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