“Downsizing” Fails To Lift Off

Downsizing is an oddly amusing failure that devolves from something that’s intriguing and seemingly inspired...
Posted On 01 Jun 2018

Top 10 Dislikable Protagonists in Film

Top 10 Films puts on a glum face to take a look at the great "Dislikables" as we check out protagonists who have few - if any - redeeming features.

Future Classic Movies blogathon

Rear Window, 12 Angry Men, Citizen Kane - all considered as "classics", but what films made in the last ten or so years will be considered in a similar light in 2050?

Top 10 Buddy Films Since 1980

Daniel Stephens picks his favourite buddy films since the 1980s.

Top 10 Male Adventures In Self Discovery

I saw a common theme in some of my favourite movies: male characters, ranging in age, who had come to a crossroads. In many cases they were successful; they had a wife and kids, money and prosperity, a nice car and a big house. But something was missing. The Male Adventure in...

Top 10 Films: Food and Drink

Jay Rayner, The Observer’s restaurant critic, runs down the ten best movies that do justice to such culinary delights as roast quail, fine wine, and even human brain!

Top 10 Films Awards – 2000s

The 2000s are no more. Our top 50 of the decade has been finalised - let the retrospective investigation of the period begin. What did cinema in the 2000s leave us? What were the trends? How did cinema progress? What...

Top 50 Films Of The 2000s

Throughout the decade we were wowed by fantasy, thrilled by action, and frightened by horror, all the while being annoyed by remakes and endless sequels. We had everything turned on its head with numerous twist endings and welcomed new and old Superheroes. New directors entered...