Trailers: “Alien: Covenant” Pays Homage To Alien But Hints At Something New

Alien: Covenant shows us a new scene that clearly pays homage to the classic dinner table chest-burst sequence from Alien...
Posted On 23 Feb 2017

Why This Newly Released Image From “Alien: Covenant” Makes Me Very Excited

Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus lands in UK cinemas in May and, ahead of a new clip this week, this image from the film has been released...
Posted On 21 Feb 2017

Dame Maggie Smith To Discuss Her Life & Career At The BFI & Radio Times Television Festival In April

Dame Maggie Smith will make a rare appearance onstage in April as part of the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival...
Posted On 06 Feb 2017

Royal Albert Hall Hosts James Cameron’s “Aliens” For 30th Anniversary Celebration

Aliens fans are in for a treat as the Royal Albert Hall hosts a special screening of the film to celebrate its 30th anniversary...
Posted On 26 Feb 2016

7 Things You Need To Know About Alien 5

The news that Sigourney Weaver is to return to the character of Ripley in a new Alien movie has got fans eagerly anticipating more space-age terror. But what's the new film about? Here's 7 things you need to know...
Posted On 19 Apr 2015

“Science Flicktion” From Pop Up Screens Brings Us Movies With Science Commentary

If you often find yourself with more questions than answers after watching your favourite films, these special Science Flicktion events from Pop Up Screens are sure to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Classic Scenes #16: Alien (1979)

With John Hurt receiving a Knighthood in the Queen's new year's honours, Classic Scenes revisits one of the acclaimed English actor's most memorable moments: the dinner table scene in Alien

Classic Scenes #13: Alien (1979)

Having learned of the sad death of H.R. Giger on May 12th 2014, Top 10 Films celebrates one of the great sequences from Ridley Scott's Alien in which Giger's monstrous creation gets its time in the limelight...