Tragedy and new beginnings collide in Cameron Crowe’s lovable We Bought A Zoo

If there was a prize for the "nicest guy in the world" then Matt Damon's Benjamin Mee would be a surefire contender. We Bought A Zoo proves to be a winning formula of tragedy and new beginnings

“Warrior” Is Blood-Stained & Breathtaking

Tom Hardy gives a career-best performance as a broken ex-US Marine who has to face his estranged brother in a winner-take-all MMA event. Warrior is blood-stained and breathtaking.

“The Children” Is Cinema’s Version Of Contraception

This is cinema's version of contraception. Tom Shankland's yuletide thriller pits some nasty, blood-thirsty pre-teens against their parents in an English countryside setting.

Review: Legion

An angel falls from heaven and turns into the Terminator to save mankind after God decides he's not a happy bunny in Scott Stewart's convoluted Legion.

Review: “Iron Man” Sets The Bar High For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Man, partly through sheer entertainment but more so through quality, highlights the deficiencies of Spiderman and its ilk. There is little hiding my dislike of Sam Raimi's Spiderman franchise, a set of films which, along with X-Men, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Superman Returns and a...

Review: Vantage Point

Pete Travis' film tells us just how much the mass media manipulate news and current affairs to suit their own political and ideological agendas. The film then does the exact same thing it appears to critique. Read my review to find out why I didn't like Vantage Point.

Review: The Invention of Lying

Ricky Gervais is currently fronting a show on British TV called An Idiot Abroad. In it he sends ignorant simpleton Karl Pilkington to various foreign countries in order for the culturally-challenged wretch to discover local traditions that might open his eyes beyond the safe,...

Review: The Queen

I can't say The Queen particularly inspired me in any sort of way. It was a well-made drama with some nicely-placed humour, but it was also like watching a very average soap-opera. It comes as little surprise it was nominated for Oscars - it steers clear of genre sensibilities,...