Top 10 Films Of Harvey Keitel

Since making his screen debut in 1967, Harvey Keitel has emerged as one of America’s most intriguing actors. And while he continues to deliver the goods, it’s arguable that the 1990s was the decade in which he truly peaked. Mark Fraser looks back at 10 of his finest moments.
Posted On 07 Apr 2015

Classic Scenes #16: Alien (1979)

With John Hurt receiving a Knighthood in the Queen's new year's honours, Classic Scenes revisits one of the acclaimed English actor's most memorable moments: the dinner table scene in Alien

The Visually Stunning “Interstellar” Fails to Reach the Heights of its Lofty Ambition

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Top 10 Performances By Actors Over 60

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So Many Missteps, “Jaws: The Revenge” Falls Over and Can’t Get Up

Steven Spielberg's brilliant film Jaws made us want to stay out of the water but Joseph Sargent's ineffective & confused sequel forgets why. Daniel Stephens takes a look at one of the worst sequels of all time...

Iconic Images: The Italian Job (1969)

Michael Caine as Charlie Croker scrambles for the gold he's gone to great lengths to acquire as his getaway bus teeters on the edge of a cliff...

Cold War Tensions Sizzle In “The Fourth Protocol”

Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan go head to head as East meets West in this cold war thriller based on Frederick Forsyth's book The Fourth Protocol...

Michael Caine & Ben Kingsley Team-up For Fun Comedy “Without A Clue”

Michael Caine & Ben Kingsley are Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in director Thom Eberhardt's enjoyable rework of the popular characters.