10 Reasons Why “An American Werewolf In London” Is A Horror Classic

Patently unsettling and well made, An American Werwolf In London also strikes a uniquely fine balance between horror and humour...

John Landis’ Idea For “An American Werewolf In London 2” Is Absolutely Brilliant

Producer Michael Kuhn hated Landis' pitch to the detriment of fans eager for more...
Posted On 23 Nov 2017

Top 10 Must See Comedies

Neal Damiano takes a look at the best comedy movies of all time to pick 10 "must sees"...

Chronicle proves there’s life left in the superhero genre

Director Josh Trank and writer Max Landis bring us Chronicle, a found footage film about the exploits of three high school teenagers who discover one day they have extraordinary powers.

Review: Burke and Hare

John Landis is back. In what seems like an eternity the An American Werewolf in London director returns to the genre he helped make so popular.

Midnight Double Feature #4

It’s Midnight Double Feature time once again. The weekend is here so its time to turn down the lights and indulge in two movies back to back. Tonight it is the turn of two b-movies that both have involvement from
Posted On 03 Aug 2011

Top 10 John Landis Films

Most audiences today won’t have heard of the name John Landis. They would have heard of “Coming To America” and “The Blues Brothers” but it’s unlikely they recognise the talent behind the lens. That’s because Landis has become one of Hollywood’s forgotten star directors. Legal...

He’ll make you laugh, then he’ll make you scream: The Films of John Landis

“An American Werewolf In London” is the film that I remember most distinctly as a child. It’s partly because I knew I wasn’t allowed to watch it, partly because it scared me so much. It’s only later in life that I fully appreciate the frightening influence it had on me – the...