Top 10 Films Featuring Real-Life Siblings

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Top 10 Films of John Cusack

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Lifeless The Raven lacks thrills

Andy Boxall takes a look at James McTeigue's lifeless thriller about the final days of Edgar Allen Poe as the infamous writer tries to track down a killer inspired by his stories.
Posted On 10 Oct 2012

Ouch! Torture in the movies

The Raven fictionalises the last days of Edgar Allan Poe where he pursues a serial killer mimicking the murders seen in his stories. We look at the film's theme of torture as seen in 8 other movies.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” Is A Fun Celebration Of Growing Up, Romance & The 80s

I saw the title of this and thought - another throwaway, production line comedy with a big star picking up an easy pay cheque. But I was pleasantly surprised. Read on to see what I thought of Hot Tub Time Machine.