John Candy: “Uncle Buck” Magnifies The Intangible Charisma Of Its Star

Dan Stephens looks at one of the 1980s' finest family comedies from two undisputed kings of the decade - John Hughes & John Candy...

Top 10 Eddie Murphy Films (…Or A List Of Films Before Eddie Murphy Lost The Ability To Make You Laugh)

Eddie Murphy might have stopped being funny but his best movies haven't...

Top 10 Films Of John Hughes

John Hughes was responsible for some of the finest comedy dramas of the 1980s and early 1990s. While his legacy may revolve around the high school drama, as this top 10 shows, his work encompassed so much more.

Top 10 Collaborations In Film Over The Last 40 Years

What actors, directors or writers have formed the best partnerships over the years? Top 10 Films takes a look as Dan Grant discusses the ten that have made an impact on him...
Posted On 18 Feb 2015

Top 10 Comedy Double Acts of the 1980s

Hollywood loved its comedy double acts in the 1980s. Name one star and the other rolls off the tongue: Dan Aykoryd... & John Belushi, Richard Pryor... & Gene Wilder. Here are our faves.

Review: Delirious

One of John Candy's weaker vehicles sees the larger-than-life actor inside a television soap opera with the ability to write his destiny. A good idea but poor delivery.

Review: Summer Rental

John Candy takes the whole family on a holiday where most things go wrong in Carl Reiner's fun Summer Rental. This is one of Candy's most delightful films.

Top 10 John Candy Films

Larger-than-life actor John Candy was one of the stars of the 1980s Hollywood comedy film circuit. His legacy is a body of work varying in quality but never in enthusiasm.