5 Reasons Chris Farley Was A Comic Genius

The late, great Chris Farley was a comic genius in the same league as John Belushi...

Top 10 Comedy Double Acts of the 1980s

Hollywood loved its comedy double acts in the 1980s. Name one star and the other rolls off the tongue: Dan Aykoryd... & John Belushi, Richard Pryor... & Gene Wilder. Here are our faves.

Review: 1941

George Litman of blog The Great White Dope drops in for Spielberg Week to tell the world just how good Spielberg's much maligned 1941 is. What do you think? Is it Spielberg's worst film or is it unfairly derided?

Review: Animal House (Landis, 1978)

“Animal House” promotes promiscuous sex, anti-establishment behaviour, criminal activity, underage drinking and alcohol abuse, violence and general anarchy, little or no respect for the education system, and hand jobs wearing surgical gloves. Do I love this movie? Yes Sir! John...

He’ll make you laugh, then he’ll make you scream: The Films of John Landis

“An American Werewolf In London” is the film that I remember most distinctly as a child. It’s partly because I knew I wasn’t allowed to watch it, partly because it scared me so much. It’s only later in life that I fully appreciate the frightening influence it had on me – the...