Houdini Magic Ticket Awards

The Houdini Magic Ticket allowed film bloggers to go wherever they wanted to go within any film their desire took them. The following adventures are the best of the bunch.

Blogathon: My Wife, My Sister-In-Law and Steph

As a follow-on from the Houdini Magic Ticket blogathon I thought it would be interesting to find out what my wife, my sister-in-law and my friend Steph would do with the ticket.

Houdini’s Magic Ticket by Colin Biggs

Colin Biggs takes his magic ticket and spends some time with Sam Elliot, the narrator from The Big Lebowski.

What film do you dream about being a part of?

In Last Action Hero a kid gets the chance to enter the world of his favourite film thanks to Harry Houdini's magic ticket. Now it's your turn...

What If…Houdini’s ticket from Last Action Hero existed?

What if there was a magic ticket that transported you into your favourite movie? It is something I’ve been thinking about since watching Last Action Hero for the umpteenth time...