Full Specs and Features on the New Vincent Price/Roger Corman Blu-ray Collection

Here are the full specs and special features for Arrow Film's new Vincent Price/Roger Corman Blu-ray box set which will be released December 8th...

The Reel Review: The Quiet Ones

Hammer's latest horror film The Quiet Ones sees a bunch of eager students follow their professor to an isolated house in order to manifest a poltergeist. But is the DVD/Blu-ray worth picking up...?

Interesting concept, farcical execution in Hammer’s The Witches

A mixed bag of neat ideas and delicious macabre along with farcical execution and uneven pacing make Hammer's 1966 film The Witches for aficionados only.

The History and Influence of Hammer Films

Hammer is remembered today for its horror films, which is to be expected since the genre produced their most iconic films and characters, but is did start out making dramas and comedies, and also period-action films. Horror movies didn’t even register as half their output. As a...

Mark Gatiss takes a look at horror cinema through the ages

UK readers should head on over to the BBC iPlayer page to view the first two (of three) 1 hour documentaries on horror cinema presented by League of Gentleman actor/writer Mark Gatiss. This brilliant series looks at horror...