“Matinee” Is More Minor Key Throwback Than Showpiece Spectacle

It's October, 1962. John Goodman's William Castle-type movie producer arrives in a small Floridian town with his latest schlock horror Mant...

Top 10 Christmas Horror Films

An alternative view of Christmas through the horror film...

Top 10 Christmas Films 1980 to 2010

The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s brought us some terrific Christmas films. But what is the best Christmas film of the three decades? Home Alone? Bad Santa? The Santa Clause? Elf?

Top 10 Christmas Films Of The 1980s

Christmas was well represented in the 1980s. From horror to fantasy to offbeat black comedy to outlandish slapstick. Oh, and Die Hard!

Top 10 Alternative Christmas Films

There’s another side to a Christmas sat in front of the telly. The Dark Side. Pitch black film noir, offbeat comedy, sadistic horror. Killer snowmen, drunk Santa’s, capitalist in-fighting, sex fetishes and rampant orgies, terrorists, lunatics, Christmas tree robbers, murderers...