Review: “Shampoo” Rinsed Of Late ’60s Zeitgeist

A seminal New Hollywood movie with a specific historical backdrop somehow manages to transcend the year in which it takes place...
Posted On 07 Sep 2019

Goldie Hawn is Magic in Spielberg’s “The Sugarland Express”

Before Jaws Steven Spielberg directed The Sugarland Express, a comedy-drama about a mild-mannered but determined Texan Mum who takes a police officer hostage after authorities threaten to take her child.

Spielberg Goes Through the Motions with “The Sugarland Express”

Dan Stephens reviews Spielberg's first US theatrical release The Sugarland Express. The Sugarland Express is one of the director’s lesser known films and for good reason. His trademarks aren’t evident, and while, if you delve into the story’s ideals, you’ll find the subjects...