Top 10 US Films Which Warn Against Crossing The Mob

Mark Fraser looks at a selection of American movies in which encroaching upon gangster activity results in some serious grief...
Posted On 12 Dec 2016

Top 10 Downbeat Endings

Spoilers ahead as Rob Keeling takes a look at that mysterious, sometimes infuriating but always enthralling, film finale: the downbeat ending.
Posted On 14 Feb 2012

Top 10 Robert De Niro Films

Choosing a top 10 list of the very best De Niro films is like picking the ten best films of the 1960s or 1970s. There’s so many great films and fantastic performances that it’s an almost impossible task. I say “almost”. Read on to see my choices.

Reader’s Choice #2: Godfather 1 or Godfather 2? (Results)

We asked. You voted! After all the talk about "Godfather part II" here, our second Reader's Choice...

Reader’s Choice #2: Godfather Versus Godfather Part II

After all the talk about "Godfather part II" here, it seemed our next Reader's Choice had to incorporate it somehow. Generally, Reader’s Choice will incorporate a wider body of work but to borrow from
Posted On 02 Aug 2010