Review: War Reporters “Under Fire” In Roger Spottiswoode’s Excellent Political Thriller

A subtly powerful geopolitical thriller built around the virtues and vice of war reporters...

“Under Fire” Starring Nick Nolte & Gene Hackman Gets Limited Edition UK Blu-ray

The Oscar-nominated political thriller will be released on limited edition Blu-ray in June...
Posted On 23 Apr 2019

Top 10 Worst Movie Presidents

The U.S. President hasn’t always upheld the moral and ethical values his voters might expect of him (in film)...

Top 10 Films Dominated By Absolutely Horrible Men

Mark Fraser looks at 10 instances when the lead blokes are either too mean-spirited or excessively sadistic for comfort...
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Racism Is Met Head On In Alan Parker’s Brilliant “Mississippi Burning”

Powerful, infuriating, heartbreaking; just a few words to describe Alan Parker's brilliant Mississippi Burning...
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Top 10 Films Of Gene Hackman

One of Hollywood's most talented actors, Gene Hackman has appeared in some of tinseltown's greatest films. The Oscar-winning actor's work include classics The Conversation, Superman and The French Connection.

Review: The Conversation

A better film than The Godfather? Francis Ford Coppola's brilliant The Conversation was made at the height of the director's powers. Andy Boxall revisits the film that was recently released for the first time on Blu-ray.
Posted On 09 Feb 2012