10 Films That Nearly Killed Their Directors

Making movies can be a dangerous business...

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16 Stunningly Photographed American Films That Were Completely Snubbed By The Academy Awards

Mark Fraser looks at 16 movies where the work of the camera department was completely overlooked by the Oscars.
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Top 10 Teenage Rebellion Films

Teenagers rebel. It is in their nature. This has been the basis for many great films about teenage life from Coppola's The Outsiders to Corman's Rock n Roll High School to Lehmann's Heathers.

Review: The Conversation

A better film than The Godfather? Francis Ford Coppola's brilliant The Conversation was made at the height of the director's powers. Andy Boxall revisits the film that was recently released for the first time on Blu-ray.
Posted On 09 Feb 2012

Review: Hammett

Wim Wenders pays homage to film noir and pulp fiction is this fictionalised story of writer Dashiell Hammett. Andrew Boxall takes a look at this 1982 film produced by Francis Ford Coppola.
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Review: The Escape Artist

Griffin O'Neal, son of Ryan and brother of Tatum, plays a budding young magician in the Francis Ford Coppola-produced The Escape Artist.
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