Top 10 Films Featuring Food And Chefs

Check out this great selection of Hollywood movies that are heavily influenced by food and the lives of chefs...
Posted On 02 Mar 2018

“The Founder” Is A Forgettable History Lesson

Despite Michael Keaton's performance, The Founder, about Ray Kroc's transformation of a small fast food restaurant into the global phenomenon McDonald's, is a forgettable history lesson...

“Dough” Is A Little Rough Around The Edges

Dough comically tackles issues of race and religion as a Jewish baker and Muslim refugee revive the fortunes of a bakery business...

Top 10 Restaurant Scenes In The Movies

Prepare for culinary delights on the big screen...with added drama!
Posted On 01 Dec 2015

“Chef” is a Feast for the Taste Buds and the Heart

Jon Favreau's Chef, which he writes, directs and stars in, is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds as the talented filmmaker brings the delights of the kitchen to the screen...

Top 10 Comedy Food Scenes

What comes to mind when you think “food” / “movies”? Willy Wonka’s edible chocolate factory? The wafer-thin mint in Meaning of Life? Chilled monkey brains in Indiana Jones..? Octopussy – Sheep’s Head Good food and pleasant company are in short supply...
Posted On 04 Sep 2013

Top 10 Films: Food and Drink

Jay Rayner, The Observer’s restaurant critic, runs down the ten best movies that do justice to such culinary delights as roast quail, fine wine, and even human brain!