Top 10 British Horror Films Of All Time

Top 10 Films' "world tour" of horror arrives on home shores with a look at the best British horror movies ever made inc. Witchfiner General, The Innocents & The Wicker Man

Top 10 Brits On Holiday

Top 10 Films is on holiday. Through the following ten movies we head to the English countryside, the Greek islands, the south of France, Crete and the Australian outback. What could go wrong?

Interview: Elstree Studios Boss Talks About Being Back With The A List

After a brief period out of the limelight, one of British cinema's most famous film studios is making a comeback. Elstree Studios chief Roger Morris talks to Daniel Stephens.

Excitement for new Brit thriller The Holding

Excitement mounts for new British thriller The Holding, the debut feature film of Susan Jacobson. Set amongst the Peak District's rolling hills, the film takes place on an isolated farm eight months after Cassie (Kierston Wareing) killed and...

Top 10 British Cult Classics

The UK is well known for lots of different things: fish ‘n’ chips, mixed fortunes in football, the Beatles, haggis, and much more. But of all forms of culture perhaps the most pervasive and popular is film - and Britain is no stranger to the...

Review: Children of Men

Daniel Stephens takes a look back at Alfonso Cuaron's powerful, dystopian sci-fi starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine.