“Maniac” Starring Emma Stone & Jonah Hill Coming To Netflix

Maniac also stars Trudie Styler, Jemima Kirke and Gabriel Byrne.

“La La Land” Is An Utter Delight

The critically adored La La Land from the seemingly infinitely talented writer-director Damien Chazelle gets another glowing commendation from Top 10 Films...

“La La Land” Breaks Records At 2017 Golden Globes As UK TV Drama Dominates Small Screen Awards

Top TV honours went to British talent with The Night Manager and its star Tom Hiddleston among the winners...
Posted On 09 Jan 2017

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Entertains Despite Flaws

Is Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 an exercise in calculated franchise architecture or a cohesive stand-alone blockbuster? Unfortunately for Ryan Pollard it's the former...

Review: Marc Webb Takes Raimi’s Blueprint And Improves It With “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Second chances are a good thing, aren't they? Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man delivers thrills aplenty with a sureness of foot akin to someone afforded a winning blueprint ten years in advance.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” Retreads Old Ground with Some Success

Mooted as a "reboot", Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man essentially retreads ground covered by Sam Raimi in his recent Spider-Man trilogy with mixed results. Ryan Pollard investigates.

Review: Zombieland

Zombies. Gore. Woody Harrelson in search of Twinkies. A gun-toting Emma Stone. And a Ghostbuster. There aren't many more things horror fans can ask for from a movie.