Top 10 Films Based On A True Story

Films based on a true story have the power to influence our views of reality in ways no other medium can...
Posted On 16 Oct 2016
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Top 10 Crime Gone Wrong Films

Neal Damiano joins the bank robbers and the jewel thieves, the cops giving chase and the unwitting victims caught in the crossfire as Top 10 Films checks out the greatest crime-gone-wrong movies...

Top 10 Films Of Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet, over a 50-year career, was responsible for some of Hollywood's most memorable movies. The likes of 12 Angry Men, Network & Dog Day Afternoon represent some of the best films of the modern age.

Sidney Lumet – 1924-2011

One of my favourite directors of all time sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 86. Sidney Lumet was a filmmaker whose genius extended to all facets of the filmmaking process. Across a career that spanned over half a century he made enough classic films for ten lifetimes, not...

Top 10 Films Set In A Day

Just 24 hours to tell a story. Not easy. However, these ten films are perfect examples of how to construct a film narrative that lasts just one day.