Top 10 Crazy Movie Doctors You Can’t Miss

Doctors in cinema rarely save lives, in fact, much of the time they only make life more difficult! It's more fun that way! Here's 10 crazy movie doctors - from Doc Brown to Hannibal Lecter - you simply can't miss...

“Birdman” Dazzles Thanks To Its Sparkling Surrealism & Energetic Performances

There is a lot to love and admire in Birdman thanks to an innovative story, top-class performances, dazzling cinematography and catchy score, says Ryan Pollard

WIN Silicon Valley Series 1 on Blu-ray

The socially challenged underdogs of the lucrative world of tech start-ups are finally uncovered in the painfully funny SILICON VALLEY: THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES released on Blu-ray and DVD from March 23rd.

WIN “The Skeleton Twins” Starring Kristen Wiig on DVD

Top 10 Films is very pleased to be able to offer THREE DVDs of acclaimed comedy The Skeleton Twins starring Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and Luke Wilson to THREE lucky readers...

Interview: British Actress Holli Dempsey On Dad’s Army Remake & Working With Ricky Gervais

British actress Holli Dempsey, who rose to fame playing care worker Vicky in Ricky Gervais' acclaimed comedy-drama series Derek, is set to star in an updated version of Dad's Army hitting UK cinemas next year.

Top 10 Stupid Film Characters Who Don’t Know or Don’t Care They’re Stupid

From time to time movies celebrate stupidity with the joke firmly on the characters involved. Thing is, most of the time these characters don't realise the joke is on them...
Posted On 12 Feb 2015

“The Rewrite” Has Some Great Moments Within A Familiar Formula

Hugh Grant teams up with writer-director Marc Lawrence again (after Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics and Did You Hear About the Morgans?) for romantic-comedy The Rewrite. Ryan Pollard finds out if it works...

Dark, Bleak, Funny, Evocative – “Maps to the Stars” is Another Cronenberg Gem

We take a look at David Cronenberg's latest big-screen feature Maps to the Stars, a satirical look at Hollywood through the eyes of two former child stars...