Top 10 Disturbing Films

Prepare to be disturbed! Have you got a sofa to hide behind? Neal Damiano takes a look at a selection of unsettling independent films which have stood the test of time...

Top 10 Films That Visit The Movie Theatre

In this list Top 10 Films takes a look at a selection of great films - including Taxi Driver, Last Action Hero and Donnie Darko - that feature prominent scenes inside the movie theater.

Top 10 Chinese-Language Films That Should Be In The Criterion Collection

Taste of Cinema writer David Zou sets out his Chinese-language wish list for Criterion. Will the likes of Farewell My Concubine and A Better Tomorrow make the Criterion Collection? Do they deserve to?

Top 10 Christmas Films 1980 to 2010

The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s brought us some terrific Christmas films. But what is the best Christmas film of the three decades? Home Alone? Bad Santa? The Santa Clause? Elf?

Top 10 Martin Scorsese Films

Martin Scorsese has continually astonished. The genius filmmaker has delivered films of character, beauty and intelligence time and again. Robert Keeling takes a look at his favourites.
Posted On 15 Dec 2011

Social media and the world of film

Social media is now a part of everyone's life. Leanne Miller takes a look at how Twitter and other social media such as Facebook has influenced film.

The Attraction of Horror Cinema: Why I Love Scary Films

Horror films scared the hell out of me as a kid. Some horror films still scare me today. So why do I enjoy watching them so much?

Top 10 British Cult Classics

The UK is well known for lots of different things: fish ‘n’ chips, mixed fortunes in football, the Beatles, haggis, and much more. But of all forms of culture perhaps the most pervasive and popular is film - and Britain is no stranger to the...