“A Time When We Were A Little Less Cautious”: Christian Bale & Matt Damon Gear Up For “Le Mans ’66”

Le Mans '66 is inspired by the fact-based story of American car designer Carroll Shelby and British-born driver Ken Miles...
Posted On 04 Jul 2019

Christian Bale Is Unrecognisable As Dick Cheney In “Vice”

Christian Bale is not afraid to put his mind and body on the line for the movies...
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“The Big Short” Gives The Credit Crunch A Face To Which We Can Angrily Point Our Finger

Anchorman director Adam McKay tackles the banking crisis of 2007 with The Big Short...

Lacking Identity, “Out of the Furnace” has Debt to Cinema’s Past

Scott Cooper's second film after the successful Crazy Heart owes too much to films of the past to enjoy its own identity. Yet, the ensemble cast are stellar. Luke Ostler & Simon Evans take a look...

50 Films better than The Dark Knight Rises in 2012

In response to our question: Is The Dark Knight Rises the best film of 2012, Dan Grant gives us 50 reasons why the film clearly isn't. What did you think of The Dark Knight Rises
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Is The Dark Knight Rises the best film of the year?

As everyone begins to think of their top 10 films of the year, how many lists will put Christopher Nolan's brilliant The Dark Knight Rises in first place?

Who Has Portrayed the Best Bruce Wayne

Who is the best Batman? Are you a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton fan or a Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale convert? Or perhaps your're an Adam West traditionalist?