Top 10 Films With The Best Blackjack Moments

The movies have given us some great casino scenes. In this top 10, we look at some of the best moments featuring Blackjack, a game whose sole purpose is to beat the dealer.

Top 10 Casino Films

The casino has proven to be a haven of great cinematic drama...

What The Movies Taught Us About Winning In The Casino

Perhaps the most important lessons are those that teach us how to avoid losing in the casino...
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How To Win In The Casino According To The Movies

The secret to winning in the casino can be found in the movies...
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Which Movie Gambler Are You?

When it comes to taking a gamble in the casino are you a sophisticated Danny Ocean or James Bond, or a rule breaker ala Austin Powers or Eddy from Lock, Stock. Find out below… Infographic courtesy of:

Top 10 Casino Films

Mark Wahlberg will be returning to Hollywood this December as he steps into James Caan’s shoes for the remake of The Gambler. But what is it that spurred director Rupert Wyatt on to remake the film? Without a doubt, casino movies are a big hit – here’s a few that have...

Top 10 Martin Scorsese Films

Martin Scorsese has continually astonished. The genius filmmaker has delivered films of character, beauty and intelligence time and again. Robert Keeling takes a look at his favourites.
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