Interview: Xavier Atkins Talks Green Screen Magic, Annoying Little Brothers & Tim Burton’s House

Young actor Xavier Atkins talks to Top 10 Films about new film The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box in which he stars alongside Sam Neill, Michael Sheen and Lena Headey.

Coming-of-Age Isn’t Easy in Dark Drama “Broken”

Rufus Norris’ film focuses on a young girl who is forced to grow up very quickly after witnessing a brutal attack in her neighbourhood… Broken is a multi-stranded story featuring Tim Roth’s single father who is raising two children. The entire story mainly centres on...

Review: Success On The Big Screen For Alan Partridge In “Alpha Papa”

Steve Coogan's brilliant creation Alan Partridge successfully makes the leap to the big screen. There's a hostage situation at North Norfolk Radio & there's only man who can save the day...

“The Iron Lady” Is Safe On The Fence

Writer-director team Abi Morgan & Phyllida Lloyd tell Margaret Thatcher's life story from a safe perch on the fence. The film features a dazzling performance from the brilliant Meryl Streep.

Seinfeldian exploration of pseudo-nothingness in The Ex And The Why

Currently on the festival circuit seeking a distributor is debut feature film The Ex and the Why from director Jon Bradley and producing partner and star James Iles.

Top 10 James Bond Films

Top 10 Films celebrates 50 years of James Bond with a look at the greatest films to grace the long running series.

Top 10 James Bond Gadgets

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Review: Live and Let Die

Roger Moore marks his debut as British secret agent James Bond in one of the series' best films. Great gadgets, bad guys, Bond Girls and car chases - Live and Let Die has it all.