Eighties Fashion In Film

When it comes to fashion, movies from the 1980s are the most striking thanks to the decade's quirky, outlandish and individualistic approach to personal image.

Top 10 Films Set In A Day

Just 24 hours to tell a story. Not easy. However, these ten films are perfect examples of how to construct a film narrative that lasts just one day.

Top 10 Single Location Films

The allure of the single location film Films set in a single location (or predominantly in a single location) have always fascinated me. Perhaps it’s their theatre roots, as many single-location films derive from the work of playwrights. The consequence of that is strong...

Top 10 American Coming-of-Age Drama Films of the 1980s

The ‘coming of age’ movie is a bit ambiguous. There’s a tendency to link the sub-genre to films about kids, so Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, and Jeff Daniels in Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild, and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars seemingly came of age too late in...