Walter Hill’s Neo-Noir Thriller “Trespass” Gets Classy Blu-ray/DVD Release On October 1

Coming to dual format Blu-ray/DVD on October 1 is Walter Hill's modern day treasure hunt...
Posted On 20 Aug 2018

Bill Paxton’s Directorial Debut “Frailty” is the Work of a Movie Veteran

Bill Paxton makes his directorial debut with this terrific horror film from 2001. The film sees a murderous father single out people who he believes to be demons with his two young sons caught in the middle...

Top 10 Bill Paxton Films

Charismatic, talented and underrated, three ways to describe actor and film director Bill Paxton. Dan Grant takes a look at his greatest films and most iconic roles.
Posted On 09 Oct 2012

Top 10 Marines in Aliens

In Ridley Scott's Alien there was one monster. In James Cameron's Aliens there was hundreds. That calls for a heavily armed team of marines. But who is the best of the best?