11 Academy Award Best Actor Nominees Who Should Have Won The Oscar

Hang on a minute! Who'd you say won Best Actor! The Oscars is once again upon us, ready & raring to bestow the highest accolades on cinema's most deserving work. But the Academy Awards often gets it wrong...

Top 10 Horror Film Sequels

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Top 10 Action-Horror Films

Step right up! Step right up! For thrilling excitement, the most frightening monsters the world has ever seen, and hours of fun...here's the best action-horror films.

Top 10 Bill Paxton Films

Charismatic, talented and underrated, three ways to describe actor and film director Bill Paxton. Dan Grant takes a look at his greatest films and most iconic roles.
Posted On 09 Oct 2012

Top 10 Monsters I Don’t Want To Find In My Closet

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Top 10 Marines in Aliens

In Ridley Scott's Alien there was one monster. In James Cameron's Aliens there was hundreds. That calls for a heavily armed team of marines. But who is the best of the best?

Review: Mimic

Guillermo Del Toro's Mimic arrives on Blu-ray on the 31st October with an all-new director's cut. But does it improve on his first Hollywood film?

Top 10 Girl Power Films

The Spice Girls might have coined the phrase but the ladies in the following ten films exhibit far more Girl Power than Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Posh. From recent films such as Hard Candy, Erin Brockovich and Million Dollar Baby to classics like Carrie and Aliens, this top...