Classic Scenes #16: Alien (1979)

With John Hurt receiving a Knighthood in the Queen's new year's honours, Classic Scenes revisits one of the acclaimed English actor's most memorable moments: the dinner table scene in Alien

Classic Scenes #13: Alien (1979)

Having learned of the sad death of H.R. Giger on May 12th 2014, Top 10 Films celebrates one of the great sequences from Ridley Scott's Alien in which Giger's monstrous creation gets its time in the limelight...

Top 10 Robots in Film's best friend or worst enemy? Here I take a look at some of the most memorable robots to grace the cinema screen from sadistic Ash in Alien to friendly nice-guy R2-D2.

Prometheories: Guide To “Prometheus”

Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien asked more questions than it answered. Chris Wharfe dares to go where they can't hear you scream in search of his own answers.

Opinion: Chris Wharfe can’t wait for Prometheus II

Chris Wharfe is already anticipating Prometheus II and III as he discusses his admiration for Ridley Scott's new sci-fi.

Prometheus Opts For Pure Sci-fi Over Thrills Of Past Adventures

Prometheus takes us back to the planet where the story of the Alien franchise began. But does Ridley Scott's highly anticipated film of 2012 begin the saga with a whimper or a bang?

Mark Kermode’s Top 10 Screen Aliens

With Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien just around the corner Britain's "favourite" film critic Mark Kermode shares his thoughts on the best screen aliens.

The new Prometheus trailer hints at old enemy

The latest Prometheus trailer hints at an old enemy as director Ridley Scott continues to build the excitement ahead of the film's June 1st release in the UK.