10 Lessons Harrison Ford Learned About Surviving A Plane Crash From The Movies

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Harrison Ford is like a magnet to traumatic events and peril. His most recent brush with death occurred when his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR plane crash landed shortly after taking off in Santa Monica. These films probably saved his life...

Top 10 Collaborations In Film Over The Last 40 Years

What actors, directors or writers have formed the best partnerships over the years? Top 10 Films takes a look as Dan Grant discusses the ten that have made an impact on him...
Posted On 18 Feb 2015

Growing Up With DiCaprio: His Life In 10 Films

Leonardo DiCaprio has turned 40! The actor, who made his debut screen performance in 1991's Critters 3, has become one of Hollywood's biggest ever stars. Top 10 Films takes a look at the actor growing up in film...

In Profile: Sharlto Copley

With Sharlto Copley's new film Open Grave arriving on UK DVD this week, we take a look at this talented actor's career so far...

Top 10 Films of Dennis Hopper

In Top 10 Films of Dennis Hopper we a look at the career of the Hollywood rebel and icon of counter-culture. Hopper's varied career includes performances in Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider & Blue Velvet...

Top 10 Films Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ electric energy, quick-witted improvisation and amusingly caricatured impersonation brought laughter and joy to millions on stage and on screen. Here’s my top 10 films of the late actor and comedian

Top 10 Films Of Gene Hackman

One of Hollywood's most talented actors, Gene Hackman has appeared in some of tinseltown's greatest films. The Oscar-winning actor's work include classics The Conversation, Superman and The French Connection.

Top 10 Films Of Joe Spinell

Joe Spinell is a name you might not immediately recognise but he's appeared in no less than three Best Picture Oscar-winning movies. Mark Fraser runs down his unique & diverse top 10 films.
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